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Need more assurance that I'm capable of meeting your design needs?
Check out my portfolio - both for writers and other businesses.

Still not convinced? Well, I s'pose I can list my experience...

  • I have 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and design.
  • I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Certificate in Web Design, and I'm an ACE. What's an ACE, you ask...? I'm an Adobe Certified Expert.
  • In addition to the paperwork, I also teach Graphic/Web Design at a technical college in St. Louis.

How about a quote or two from clients...

"Kim must have a hot wire to my brain.  She creates the covers I would create if I had her visual talent.  But I don't have that talent, so thank God for Kimberly Killion!" 

~New York Times bestselling author, Vicki Lewis Thompson


"From start to finish working with Kim was a breeze.  Professional, fast and efficient she immediately knew the look and feel I wanted.  In practically no time at all she made my dream website a reality."

~Wendy Drew, Owner - Rose's Bookhouse


"I can't gush enough. I wanted something different from everything else out there, and Kim gave me the most visually stunning website I've ever seen. She was fun to work with and made the whole process enjoyable."

~Gwen Hayes, author


Are you ready to take the leap into promotion?

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